The boxes are GONE! Finally! 8 Extra Large Boxes are currently being couriered to port to be shipped to portugal to be shipped to Cape Town to be couriered to Johannesburg to be couriered to the SA/Zim border then to be couriered to Harare for us to pick up!! Phew…PLEASE PRAY!

We can’t thank you all enough for praying for us so faithfully so far and we would neevr have managed to get the shipping sorted without some intervention from the big man. Please do continue to pray as the goods are transported – there is a high rate of loss of shipments being couriered by sea – apparently they just ‘fall off!’

Our house is looking considerably empty now…and big! Just ourselves and our suitcases left to pack and prepare… only 1 more week to go!

Please use the contact form to contact us at any time!

God Bless, G&S x

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