We have been here for 4 days now…and 2 exciting things happened today! Number 1….

WE GOT OUR PERMITS!! We now have in our passports a delightful temporary employment/ residency permit! Its shiny and takes up a whole page of our passports, exciting!

Since then, we have been on a whirlwind tour of Harare with Pastor Musora as he showed us some of the rural areas and took us to see what could possibly be our first Zimbabwean car!

Secondly, however….IT RAINED! SHOCK! This is unexpected in August (rainy season starts around oct/nov) but it was the first time we have seen rain in Zim so we got excited and stood in it for a moment! Don’t let me hype it up too much, it wasn’t much rain! You will be pleased to know the sun returned shortly after.

Tomorrow we are having our first official meeting with Pastor Musora to go to the government buildings in Harare to officially reigster the school and fill in all the relevant documents. We have today decided along with Pastor Gatsi, that the school will be called’ One Way Pre School’ (the church is called One Way Ministries) So exciting!!

We are aware now of where the pre school will be within the church centre – they have sunday school in 2 rooms just outside the building which are both large and there is a concrete tiered area outside it which we can place outdoor equipment in. So that is a great start!

We have also begun to discuss timings for the school (it looks like a long day!! possibly 8-5!) and we may be starting with around 30 children. This number can grow over time…

We also have to discuss hiring staff, feeding the children, the curriculum, the timings of the day, resources etc….so there is SO much to do! But we are delighted that things are moving along so quickly (many of you will know it often takes a long time for things to be done in any African country so its good news!)

So PLEASE do pray for the continuing developments with the pre school – we need God’s hand over us!

In other news….we had our first Sunday service – it was a churches together service to end the adult conference in a big tent outside, at went from 8.30 – ….2!! LONG SERVICE! But it was mightily fun and full of LOUD worship! The preacher (whose preach lasted the entire length of our normal church service in England) was excellent and we left full of enthusiasm!

We are looking forward to the team from England arriving on Wednesday to begin preparing for the childrens conference (thanks mum!) which begins on Sunday – the first day of which will be on Prayer Mountain!

So to sum up…yes we know its hotter in England at the moment! Thank you to all those of you who have reminded us! However, we are looking forward to it continuing to warm up over the next few weeks!

Please do continue to pray for us at this time, and thank you to all those of you who have commented and sent us messages of support so far! We feel so blessed every time we hear from someone!

Keep checking back for more updates! There could be lots of exciting news coming up…!!

I’m going to post this now before the electricity leaves again and I can’t send it!

God bless, G&S x

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