I was fortunate today to be able to visit Cirencester Baptist Church on a Family Worship Roadshow. Not only were they a very welcoming church, with PLENTY of enthusiasm, they very kindly prayed for myself and Greg for our upcoming mission.

I was fortunate to be given two words of encouragement from members of the congregation and would like to share those here.

The first was a Zimbabwean lady who had a vision of ‘Warrior Angels surrounding myself and Greg as we travel and work in Zimbabwe’ – a huge encouragement for us as we pray for comfort and strength

The second was from a lady who reminded me of the verse taken from Mark 4 v 35-41 – Jesus Calms the Storm. Again a huge encouragement that God is in control and we need not be afraid but to continue to have faith in all that we do.

I was blessed to have met such wonderful people today and am thankful for their kind and spiritual words.

God Bless, S x

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