Hello to all those avid readers on our blog. We’re still waiting upon news of our visa’s but all the correct documents are in the correct places so it’s a case of wait, see and pray!

In other news Sophie and I had a great (but incredibly busy) weekend: Firstly we were once again encouraged by the support of our church friends and my football team at our churches sports day. We really appreciate everyone’s interest and enthusiasm. It is wonderful when everyone is so keen to hear what is going on. On the other hand I did get completely out run by Ian Gayle in the 100m sprint but I can say he was a worthy victor! Secondly we were blessed to help run the family service on Sunday at Avery Hill christian fellowship doing one of Mike’s family worship roadshows. We got to have the first annual Avery Hill Hurdles and sack race competition and more importantly the whole church prayed for us. Sophie and I felt so encouraged by the wonderful prayers and words they spoke over us.

Only 45 days people!!

Ta ta for now, G&S x