On Wednesday we had a wonderful vision evening at the point so thank-you to all who attended. We’ve been once again blessed by some wonderful people and I’d love to share with you one of the words spoken:

“you are going to teach but there is so much you will learn”.

So important because we are aware of His Love that will shine over us and teach us more than we can imagine, and we want to be so ready to listen and hear from the Lord on this remarkable journey we are taking with him.

I shared tonight how some people throughout our marriage, have mentioned visions and words about Sophie and I climbing mountains. But they were unsure of where and how it would apply to our lives. When I went to Zimbabwe for the first time, the first place we were taken to was a prayer mountain (which by the way is a mountain the church have bought!)  A mountain of prayer over Harare. You have to see this place to comprehend the magnificence of it! For me personally, this was the first of many clear signs from God that this was our place to be. In Zimbabwe, with this church, working with these wonderful people and literally moving mountains with faith as small as a mustard seed!

The overwhelming sense of belonging in Zimbabwe was echoed later in our trip by Auntie Debbie simply saying to me: “Greg, I love Sophie and always have but you are her missing piece- we are so glad to have you both”

Please continue to pray because God is blessing our marriage with his work and we’re continually thankful for that, and also that we would continue to hear his words and follow the path he is setting out for us.

God Bless, G&S xx