I can’t quite believe it! She’s a little bundle of joy and the apple of her Grampy’s eye.

For most children a birthday is a great opportunity to receive but not for Lizzie who will be spending this birthday receiving donations to our charity instead.

Well done Beth and Nick for bringing up my niece in this way! It’s an amazing thing to leave such a lasting legacy for your child.


These donations are coming at a very exciting time for us because in May 2018 One Way School will be organising a teacher training course for teachers in some of Harare’s poorest areas.

Zimbabwe is blessed with a great education system. However, a great education is only accessed by those who can afford it. Even the local government schools have 65-70 children learning in one class and it is now a country wide epidemic that many children are missing out on even a basic education!

However, hope is not lost because the church is stepping up to build facilities and to educate children in the rural areas. But, when salaries are close to nil finding great teachers is nigh on impossible. The teachers we will be training are unqualified but have a heart to serve.

We are hoping to teach 25 teachers and establish permanent links to their schools and their pupils so your donation today will pay for these teachers to attend the training. It will pay for course materials: food and accommodation for those who need to travel into Harare and resources for them to take back to their schools.

Lizzie hopes to raise 200 pounds for her birthday so please donate whatever you can by clicking on the pay pal link on this website.