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In August 2012 we went to live and work in Harare, Zimbabwe to set up One Way School in conjunction with the local church; One Way Ministries International.

In 2015 One Way School will offer education to 88 pupils between 3 and 7 years of age across 4 classes. It will also offer full time employment to 8 local people.

Excellent education in Zimbabwe can be quite expensive with one of the best church schools offering education for 1000 pounds per term, just for mornings and offering no food. Even government schools charge fees. The majority of the children who attend One Way School pay school fees but are fed at school and can be at school between 7am and 4pm daily. Their fees range between 150 and 300 pounds per term depending on their age and additional activities.

The school has been funded by international donations thus far which have renovated four classrooms, a large playground, a kitchen, a sports field, two toilet buildings and secured the facility to the appropriate guidelines. Donations have also bought or shipped a large amount of the resources for the school.

The future

Within the next few years we hope to extend the building to an extra classroom every year. The local church and the parents of the pupils will fundraise locally for the future costs for these renovations.

Any financial donations from the UK will now be used for any of these reasons and you can specify, if you so wish, where you’d like your money to go:

  1. Assisted place education: Sponsor a child to attend our school whose family cannot afford it or the child hasn’t got a family. Cost: 20 pounds per month.
  2. Adult education: One Way Pre-School is proud that so far Prudence Yohana, Lorraine Machingura, Patience Mpofu and Rumbi Chapwanya have all become qualified teachers whilst working with us. Their course was 9 months long and cost 40 pounds per month We’ve heard if you educate a teacher in Africa, he or she will teach a minimum of 30 children a year for an average of 20 years. That’s 600+ children educated for just 360 pounds.
  3. Food: We currently feed all our youngest children who are at the school all day (44 of them). We’d love to feed more children. 5 pounds a month feeds another child.
  4. Donation of resources: You could buy or collect any resources that would be useful in a school. Particularly Science and Maths resources. Pens, pencils and other stationary are easy to find but guided reading books and stories are difficult to source. Other games and puzzles and particularly resources to use outdoors would be greatly received. If you have any of these you can post these to Alison Sangwine who will arrange shipping of resources to the school every year. Her address is in the support section of our website.
  5. Shipping donation: Shipping of resources is expensive. Last time this cost over 1000 pounds.
  6. Greg and Sophie: Living in Zimbabwe is expensive. Every year we apply for a visa which costs 350 pounds and insurance which costs 1000 pounds per year.

I’d like to help! What can I do?

1) Download our; support_form to support us regualry and post it back to Stewardship services who will kindly gift aid your donation
2) Donate through paypal from this webiste