Week 3 – It’s getting busy!

Here’s last weeks blog. A bit later than usual as we had no internet all weekend even though we had some power!

Mon 22nd Sept Necktie Day – to fund raise for the primary school everyone was asked to come wearing a tie and pay a dollar. $41 were raised! As wearing a tie was the last thing on my mind when packing for Zim I didn’t have one amongst my luggage. Fortunately Sherry took me to Borrowdale at the weekend and I saw plastic ones in the shop so I bought one for Pru and I. Mine had smiley faces and Prus had flowers. I was very impressed with the children’s efforts many had come in a full suit!

neck ties IMG_0293

I gave the nursery class a lesson on France and an overview of the components of a laptop. I also started basic computer lessons for Lorraine and Leeshy.

Tues 23rd Sept. This morning I saw something run across the back of the classroom whilst talking with Lorraine. “Oh it was probably a rat” she said all matter of fact and went over to the blankets where I saw it go. She nearly got to the bottom of the pile when it ran out over her foot making me scream and run out the door! Lorraine and Wilson got sticks and whacked it over the head – dead! Urghh! Finally the animal police came with the trap to capture the mother dog. When she is caught they will take away the puppies who are now beginning to make quite a racket! Today I gave the nursery class a lesson on England. As they are younger than the grade 0 class they weren’t quite as intrigued by the Queen!

The afternoon saw swimming lessons for the boys, the new car with its extra space in the back came in very handy. They are making great progress with their swimming.

IMG_0142 swimming

Weds 24th Sept. After buying ice cream for the Grade O class so they could experience the cold as they are learning about Antarctica this week, I uploaded the swimming lessons photos and those from the trip last week onto the school website. In the afternoon I was back at the primary school continuing with the scraping off of the loose paintwork this time to the school office whilst Charles was fitting plug sockets.

Thurs 25th Sept. Over at Tara Hall the community hall was ready to have its ceiling painted. After a short while I managed to break the roller extension pole I was mortified and didn’t realise my own strength! Only for Terence to start laughing as he had done the same thing a couple of days before so Neil had taken it back to the shop and argued a replacement. Fingers crossed he can work his magic again! So with that I was unable to continue with the painting and left Terence and Nomore to it. I went back to the Kids Work room to continue with the paint scrapping where the only damage I could do was to my knuckles!!! Later in the day Sean asked if I would be his administrator next week at the Zimbabwe Without Orphans – Dream or Reality conference and help him organise the set up before hand. This is a fabulous opportunity and a wonderful challenge so was only too pleased to accept. I know have to get my thinking cap on a the weekend yo make this task a success 🙂

Fri 26th Sept. The day was spent at Tara Hall continuing to scrape the walls of the Kids Work room. It was Nomores birthday so at lunch we shared a cake in celebration!

Take care,
Ali x