Mon 5th Oct. A slight change to the schedule. I’m now spending more time with Charles on the primary school as there are many things to do and spending less time at the preschool. At the preschool I help collecting fees and monies for swimming and dance up until registration then continue with the computer lessons with Rumbi, Lorraine and Leeshy, they are progressing very well and no longer have a fear of the laptop 🙂 . Over at the primary school I was painting the interior doors with undercoat. 6 doors in total and 2 coats given. I was quite chuffed at how little I painted myself!

Tues 6th Oct – Heinz 57 day, morning registration, followed by assisting Charles with more door painting at the primary school, back to the preschool for Rumbi’s computer lesson, this week I set her an exercise to see how much information had been retained and she did exceptionally well and I was very proud of how well she did, it was then back to the primary school for more door painting, then back to the preschool for lunch, Lorraine & Leeshy’s computer lesson, their exercise took a little longer than expected!, then the swimming run with the boys then back to the primary school to finish off the final coat of undercoat on the doors…..phew!

Weds 7th Oct. Today I began painting the staff toilets and even with 1 coat they are looking good. I kept being disturbed by what sounded like a motorbike which I discovered was a very large black flying creature initially I thought was a bee-like thing but it was bigger and had a hard body. Fortunately Charles advised me that these insects didn’t bite much to my relief!!!! I conducted an additional computer lesson for Lorraine and Leeshy as these ladies need more training than originally thought and they are so willing to learn I feel compelled to help them as much as I can. I set them a small test and although they were unsure of themselves they did actually know what the answers were which is great progress 🙂

Thurs 8th Oct. On route to Tara Hall I was tasked with buying chalkboard paint. The first shop in Mabelreign I went to had a litre but it had been in the shop for so long it had gone dry at the bottom. They suggested I try another shop further down the road but alas they didn’t have any. I also tried the hardware shop in Avondale but still no luck. Debbie had already tried the shop in Strathaven and Neil kindly rang a couple of paint shops he uses but no one had any in stock. We were given some advice that matt roof paint did the same job so I said I would call back into the Mabelreign paint shop in the morning! Then it was back to paint scrapping the Kids World room. To break up the day I drove Nico out to Eastlea so he could pick up some belongings. We also went in search of some new paint brushes but none of the hardware shops had any!

Fri 9th Oct. I returned to the paint shop in Mabelreign to see if they had any roof paint but to no avail! ‘So you didn’t find the chalkboard paint then?’ He said. He offered me the litre he had shown me yesterday and said that if we kept stirring it then the dry part may loosen. I asked if he’d give me a discount and a refund if it was no good…..he gave it to me for 5 bucks and his number to call should we want to return it….such great negotiation skills!!! We made a fantastic chalkboard and still plenty left over if the other rooms was one too! I also painted the border of the board plus the room in green gloss paint as it’s for the Green Arrows class whilst Debbie made a cardboard Isaac for the wall. It’s amazing how much you can brighten up a room with very little! The finishes touches to the hall were completed in time for the first service to be held on Sunday! And has been renamed from Tara Hall to One Central. An excellent job done by all the team 🙂

20141010_154043 blackboard

Ali x