Mon 15th – Weds 17th Dec. Wow so much progress was made this week by all the team. We completed classroom one, all the walls painted, all the stone benches varnished and the floor polished with Cobra. The joke going around was ‘if you stand still long enough you will either be painted, varnished or polished!’ Honestly everything was getting a make-over! We also started on the walls of classroom two but because of the leaking roof only three quarters of this can be decorated until the leak if fixed.
20141217_083430 20141217_083345
Thurs 18th Dec. finally the makeshift shelves we’d made in the FBC Bank gave way and collapsed! The shop looked like a bomb had exploded! But is also a good sign that we are getting many generous donations from everyone 🙂 I managed to reconstruct the shelf and another new shelf using bricks as the legs, I’ve definitely earned my blue peter badge!!! Mercy then helped me re-sort, fold, and tidy the shop. It’s looking great even if I do say so myself ! I opened the shop in the afternoon as tomorrow is half day. I also gave a food pack and a few clothes to Terence, Nomore, Mercy and Douggie for all their hard work around the place.
Fri 19th Dec. One Central was closing for Christmas and New Year today so we had half a day. I continued with redesigning the FBC Bank and also gave a few items out to a couple of guys who hadn’t been told we opened yesterday. For the afternoon we (the staff) we all going to go and play crazy golf, unfortunately the weather had other ideas and it was rained off. Instead we went to Cork Road for ice cream yum yum! They make the best ice cream in Harare, I had a hokey-pokey milkshake….delish!
This is my last blog until 7th Jan as my mum is arriving on 23rd Dec, so that just leaves me to wish you all a very merry Christmas and a great New Year. Thank you all for kind words of encouragement you have given me.
Lots of love,
Ali xx