At One Way Ministries, we sing a song with the lyrics “He makes a way, when there’s no way…” and my goodness is it the truth!

We daily face battles with the development of our school and the people we work with and the parents and children and the leadership and the country and its struggles with power and water and so forth….and sometimes the challenges seem incredibly big, incredibly tough and very difficult to see a light at the end of a tunnel! But HE makes a way, when there’s no way!

Again, we are constantly challenged by the incredible faith children have and how daily their prayers and their comments show us that there is always a way, even when we are tired and confused.

There are a few points that recently have been a huge encouragement to our project and they are things that we had foreseen being huge problems, definitely not with solutions being found this soon!

Firstly, parents meeting. Greg chose to create a presentation and then invited every parents of children at our school to a meeting to discuss the past, present and future of One Way School. he detailed the financial and practical aspects of everything and the response was overwhelming. Not only were parents appreciative that we are being open and transparent with them, they have begun to initiate some ideas themselves for support.

A PTA is in the process of being set up with parents texting our administrator constantly every day pushing for a meeting to be started ASAP so they can get ideas going. They are keen to invovle every parent in fundraising and push for the Zimbabweans to take ownership of the project.

Their first project they would like to tackle, is the renovation of the swimming pool to allow for every child at our school to have swimming lessons weekly without extra cost and the need for transport out. This has been a dream since we opened the pre school but it may take around $3000 and so we have never had the funds to do this. The parents have decided that HE will make a way! So once their PTA begins, thankfully it looks like it won’t stop!

Next, one of the major challenges we have faced since the beginning of the project, is the Ministries for Education and Health. It has often seemed that money may be the driving factor, however, over the past year, we have found that this is not necessarily the case and that if we persevere with relationships and jump through the multiple hoops they place in front of us, we do eventually see success!

One of the greatest achievements in this area is Auntie Prudence, our administrator. She has worked tirelessly since starting with us and has managed to form close relationships with both the district officers for health and education in our area. They are in constant phone contact and she is already able to begin the paperwork to have the whole Primary School registered with both ministries in the correct manner and without any excessive trials to work through. And from the meetings she has had in the last 2 days,things are looking incredibly positive in terms of the final documents!

HE makes a way! This post is mainly to encourage anyone and everyone who feels that sometimes there is just no way. Let me tell you, that it may take time, and patience and perseverance…but HE makes a way, when there’s no way! We are so encouraged and want you to be to.

Prayer can make a difference!