I have mentioned previously about my willingness to improve the levels of fundraising at One Way School.

Sophie and I want to creature a culture where parents, teachers and the local community fundraise for their school. When I was a young lad in Charlbury the CSA were great at this. I learnt from my parents and their friends who were equally amazing and are still fundraising for good causes (including ours) these days. I’m fortunate enough to believe that it must be all schools in England because at Haimo Primary School we used to raise over 1500 pounds a year. Just from one fete. It’s an education that we’ve had that we’ve been keen to pass on.

We dabbled last year so this year we decided to establish an official PTA. So far they’ve raised $2800 towards building two new classrooms for our school. We’ve had dress up days, a fun day, CD’s and hats for sale and a weekly tuck shop. Most amazingly, ‘buy a brick’ forms have been sent out where the children have been given the goal to raise $50 in $1 donations from their friends and family. One child and her family have managed to raise $195 this way – pretty incredible!

This has been growth larger than we could have imagined. But, we were approached yesterday from a mother who is a famous local singer who wants to put on a show for us to raise money. It’s extremely encouraging that the local people are now thinking of their own ideas. We’re so happy with the fundraising that is going on that Sophie and I are looking to step down from the PTA at the end of the year.

In our latest meeting one of the parents commented that no one has ever taught Zimbabweans about fundraising. So, as these children grow we hope and pray that they’ll grow this ‘culture’ in their local communities to provide more opportunities for the wonderful people of Zimbabwe.