Hello to all!

So, much has been happening over the last week, builders have been working hard to demolish walls and create new, larger toilet spaces. The plumber begins work tomorrow, and the electrician will hopefully be around next week.










Builder hard at work shifting rubble!

Today, we spent a large part of the day beginning to organise and sort the outside area. We have two outdoor areas available for the school – one, a paved tiered courtyard. two, a grassy area. The courtyard area is fine, a lick of paint and some pretty child pictures will do wonders. The grass area needs a little more help.









First up, Greg and Emmanuel worked to fill in a large trench hole right outside the entrance area. Next to the hole was a large mound of soil and rubble which had created a problem in itself! Many wheelbarrow loads later the hole was filled, I had many splinters in my feet and greg looked like he had a great tan (it washed off later though!).

Next up, we were told the place where the bricks from demolition had been placed, was in fact in the wrong place. Que me, 3 men and a wheelbarrow attempting to shovel them all into a more suitable place. The best thing to come out of this…brick throwing!









Greg and the men found this highly amusing – I showed my English side and felt concerned for Health and Safety! I did then realise, however, that that’s boring, and decided to help by using the wheelbarrow to shovel the bricks…with great success…









until the wheelbarrow hit a brick, tipped over, I shouted for help from Emmanuel (who had sneakily been following behind evidently knowing I would fail!) and then as I turned, proceeded to slide in all the ash left from the rubbish pit burning, causing an embarrassing slide. Luckily, I stayed upright!

Once the bricks were sorted, we proceeded to measure the width of the grass area, as we need to buy fencing to cordon off the play area as it can currently be accessed by the road to the golf course – another expense, but a necessary one!

So tomorrow, we begin work on the entrance walkway – which too is covered in rubble and is a danger in its present state. But we have a lovely willing workforce around and are enjoying being able to use ourselves too! It’s been a little difficult persuading the people here that we are wanting to do work and not sit and watch others do it – they want to serve too much!

In other news – tomorrow we meet with Witness – our marketing man who will be creating a logo, fliers, posters, news ads etc for the school. On Thursday we are due to spend a day at a local pre school – should be an exciting update for you all after that!

So, please please keep up to date with the project, and please please support us any way you can! Work is happening FAST!

Please also pray for the school registration document – we should have it by the end of the week – but only by a lot of persuasion.

Check back soon! God Bless,

G&S x

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