Shalom my friends, Mangwanani!

It’s been a whirl wind month here in Zimbabwe. On this Sunday 16th September we celebrate a month here which really has flown by! We hope to have our renovations complete by the end of this week with more appointments with plumbers and builders in the coming week as well as the electrician. It is all very exciting seeing the school growing to what we hope will be a school the church can be proud of. Check back to the blog because I should have pictures available of logo’s and leaflets in the near future.

School wise we are hoping to open 2 classes in January, one run by Sophie and one run my me. One class will be Grade 0 which is the year before primary school begins for children aged 5 and a nursery class with children aged 3-4. We’re hoping for somewhere between 40-60 children to sign up.

Zimbabwe wise we keep having plenty of offers to people to take us out on trips but have as yet been too busy sorting out building projects and school documents to really visit anywhere. Personally I hope we have the registration and renovations completed by December and Sophie and I can do some real exploring in the month leading up to the opening of the school.

Last week we got the pleasure of a day spent at gogo’s day care centre which is another local pre school facility here. It was a really fun morning and was a great education in to how things are done here. They have a pre school curriculum but it is fairly limited and Sophie insures me that we can offer a more varied education. The children really loved their school and this day care centre are doing a brilliant job bringing these children up in a positive, Christian environment. We pray we emulate that in our school.

I will finish this entry now just by saying how lovely it is to hear from people back home, please do keep in touch. It’s great for us to know what people are up to!

God Bless G&S x

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