Last Sunday I decided to tell the church why it is we’re actually here. Strange thing you may think after 6 weeks but they’ve been told we’re opening a pre school but I don’t think they quite understood the circumstances. (Maybe some thought we’re two obscenely rich white English people who fancy giving a bit of time and money to an African project.) It was amazing to share how we believe this to be a very clear calling upon our lives. Something we’ve been asked to do here and something that God has sent us to achieve. When we told them we currently have no timeline but are keen to be spirit led and we’ll be here as long as God wants us to be we had a great response. Many people came up to us to tell us what a wonderful testimony our story is and how blessed they are to have us. It’s amazing to feel so supported here and I couldn’t feel luckier. Apparently we’re a blessing to them but we feel so blessed just being here it is quite an adventure.

One of the challenges we will have with our school is that all schools are fee paying, we are currently battling with decisions of costs considering that we need this school to support itself but we want to minister to as many children as we can. 60 to be precise as that would be 2 classes! Please pray that His will is done with regard to school fees.

If you are interested in maybe sponsoring an orphan to go to school as a church or as a family then we’d love to receive an e.mail. Our dream is to be able to offer education to those who would otherwise have no access to it at all. For some here school really is a distant dream and for many their parents buy nothing else but food and pay for school fees.

If you have read this then send us a message. We love receiving messages, the contact really does mean a lot to us and if you’d like me to send you the talk I wrote for Sunday then I’d be delighted to send that too.

God Bless you!

Greg (and Sophie)