Well it’s a landmark week as we hope to have the building work, plumbing and electricity all sorted in the new school building this week.

We’re really excited about this stage because it means we can really start on our own developments. We really want to get painting and decorating and planting some pretty flowers around the school to make it all look very appealing, also many schools don’t really go down the display route so we’re excited to develop our classrooms. Any teachers reading this will know how nice it is to have your own classroom to make exciting.

Other things in the pipeline is the beginning of the advertising for the school. We have purchased a road sign, banner for the entrance, business cards, posters and leaflets and we’re hoping up to 60 children will sign up

And here it is! One Way Pre School!








Please do keep messaging us, every single one is an extra bit of encouragement.

Prayer points are we still need our shipping to arrive safely and to find some money for the remaining resources, playground equipment and all the things we’d love to have for outdoor learning (something they don’t really do here)

Check back soon for more updates.

God Bless, G&S x

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