Mangwanani, friends.

It has been a busy time since we last blogged, so much to tell you! Firstly, we are SO excited that we now have confirmed 15 registrations! A huge answer to prayer and its only the beginning of December, Zimbabweans are known for their laid back lifestyle, this includes not contemplating registering until the last minute, so we are confident that towards the end of the month further registrations will come.

We also now have funding for 2 orphans to come to the school starting in January, they will be funded through Stewardship donations, so a huge THANK YOU to those who are able to sponsor even a small amount of money each month, these children would have no access to education otherwise! No education is free in Zimbabwe, and we want to ensure our ministry reaches to as many children as possible.

As you may have seen from our Gallery – I know it’s taken me forever to work out how to set it up! – we have been blessed with some more donations and the classrooms are now looking fully set up and ready for children! It is a delight to see some of the church children and visitors trialing using the equipment and playing in the playground, we cannot wait until January to have full classrooms! check it out here,

We were really excited to have Mike and Sue come and visit us last week, we had a fantastic week sorting out or cottage, putting up displays in the classrooms, spending time with Pastor Gatsi, setting up the churches website, visiting the Prayer Mountain for some R&R, visiting Chengeta for a game drive and Elephant ride and spending time together as a family! It was a whirlwind few days but a pleasure to have them here and we look forward to our next visitors, whoever and whenever they may be!

Preparing the fire for dinner during power cut…a delicious meal of boiled chicken and five bean casserole was the end product!


Please do keep in contact, God Bless, Sophie and Greg xx