Auntie Lorraine

We have recently employed another pre school teacher to work with us. Lorraine is an incredible lady with 4 beautiful girls aged 10, 5, 3 and 2. She is a member of the church we attend here and was herself orphaned at a young age. Undeterred, she would work throughout her school life to earn her own money for school fees. She is incredibly inspiring. Her experience, attitude and faith will be hugely beneficial to us.

Auntie Betty

Betty will be our cook/cleaner and classroom helper whilst working with us. She’s also from the church and is amazingly hard-working and has been serving with the Arise Shine Zimbabwe team for the children’s conference for years. She will add experience and knowledge of looking after children to our team.

Please pray for the 4 of us as we start out One Way Pre School next Monday 7th January.