I am writing today’s blog from my classroom where 25 little lads snore off the affects of another busy mornings learning at One Way Pre School. You may like me be questioning the sanity of the question ‘Stick or twist?’ so early into a new project. “STICK” I’d be shouting at my computer reading this. Probably also adding that it is only a month in so why complicate things now. But this week we’ve hit 40 registrations at our school. I can’t quite believe how they’re still coming but hits on www.onewaypreschool.co.zw continue to rise so maybe that has something to do with it.

Crazily though we still have many visitors each day who require showing around and explaining about registrations processes and fees. I’m so proud that the vast majority of the parents are thrilled at what we are offering and the fairness of our fee structures. I think God guided us perfectly with how the school is running and we are now reaping the benefits. I now wouldn’t be surprised if we cannot take registrations for the 2nd & 3rd terms and reach our capacity of 60 children. Sophie’s class is nearly full already!

This ‘problem’ also makes me think that maybe we thought a little small to begin with. We have already had a few entrepreneurial thoughts regarding school expansion and I must admit to a couple of drawings on how we could double the schools capacity including adding 2 more classrooms, another playground, outdoor learning area and a hall/kitchen are that’s separate from the main church facility. Big thoughts for the long term maybe but running a school for 40 we always thought would be a long term goal. Therefore I am not surprised that our goals are now having to be revisited. A musing: what about 2 grade zero classes (reception) and 2 nursery classes. The building already has a suitable facility which would need renovating just as the current school building has been. Maybe then we could persuade 2 more teachers from our country to come in for a year to teach with us. Missionary teachers in a Zimbabwean school for 120 3-6 year olds? Ambitious? YES! But ambition never hurt anyone right?

What do you all think? I’d love some advice and prayers