So today Greg had the opportunity to go with Pastor Musora to the’visa place’ (i’m not exactly sure what it’s called, ha!) to discuss what the options are for visa renewal. As our Visa was booked before we came last year, it runs out in June – so we have been thinking lately about what to do in terms of renewing it.

In short, the man at the visa place has explained that we are able to renew (with no foreseeable issues) but only for 1 year at a time. We could renew for longer, however…it costs us $500 for each year! So we could renew for 5 years…except we would have to pay $5000 combined! So at the moment, renewing yearly is our most viable option.

This is all good news, in terms that we are 95% sure that the visa will be renewed with no problems, and that we do not have to re-submit all our documents that we had to for the original visa. There are just 3 renewal forms to complete.

So if we are to renew, it would be for 1 year from the lapse of our current one, so we would be covered until June 2014.

The biggest issue will be finances. At $500 each, that is $1000 we have to find and pay asap. It can take up to 3 months for the renewal to be completed, and June is not that far away now!

So please do pray for us, we urgently need to renew and so must find the money somewhere.

As I said, this is great news for the renewal, so thank you to those who support us already and pray, we feel answers to your prayers often!

God Bless xx