Today, I am thankful for the continuing provision God gives us to enable us to persevere and expand our work here.

We have just taken another registration – for January! Already, we have around 5 applications for the new year and are barely half way through this first one! We have the possibility of opening a 3rd classroom- allowing for 60 nursery and 30 grade zero children, taking our capacity to 90…insane! Please pray for this development to reach fruition, as we are looking like we will need the extra capacity!

Greg is currently sat in the next classroom, teaching Lorraine how to use a computer – for the first time! She is extremely excited to have the opportunity to learn basic ICT and we have 4 laptops provided for the school which we use to teach the children and hopefully provide support to our staff in their studies also.

Lorraine has almost finished her ECD (early childhood development) certificate course, and will be continuing for a further 6 months to turn it into a diploma. She has exams in June/July so do please keep her in your prayers, your support is vital to her success!

Our newest member of staff, Patience, works 5 days a week from 8-1 as a teaching assistant. She has now also enrolled to start the ECD certificate course in July and will hopefully take this further to a diploma after as well. We need funding for both Lorraine and Patience and your support is hugely appreciated, not only are we educating 3-6 year olds, but adults too! We could not have imagined the difference further education makes in the lives of adults here, and we are so pleased to be able to support them.

We are looking in the next few months at finances and how viable expansion will be for January. We have a lot of building works which need to be done over the August holiday, including a wall, drainage and modifications to the boys toilets. Again, we are praying for extra funding for these to go ahead, as they are important to the day to day running and safety of children at One Way.

We thank you for your prayers and encouragement and please do keep in touch, we love feedback and conversation!


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