Hello All,

This Friday is our first ever sports day here in Zimbabwe. We’ve busily came up with a format and timetable and our sports day will finish with a Braai. The children will be racing in their age groups over races such as the obstacle, sack, wheelbarrow, relay, potato and spoon and backwards running as well as the straight running race. We’ve decided against this non competitive nonsense that we see at schools these days. These kids will race to have fun and all children will receive a certificate for taking part. Although those children who win their races will receive an extra first place certificate to further celebrate their achievement. It’s my first experience of seeing such little kids competing but seeing the smile on their faces and the laughs of other kids who are spectating it really is a whole lot of fun and I’m really excited for Friday. I will post pictures at the weekend if I can work out how the gallery works. (If I cannot then Sophie will because she is better at these things than me!)

Our Braai afterwards gives us the opportunity to once again interact with the school family and increase our links with the local community. The food is all being done by a local butcher and parent who now supplies the food for our school too. It is important to Sophie and I to link with our community for this schools future legacy.

Here’s a picture of our certificates the children could win designed and printed by our great friend Mr. Witness who continues to support the school so faithfully!

Sports Day certificates











Additionally in our weather report we are currently having periods of overcast weather where we are told ‘it is very cold’ and see the children in coats, gloves and scarves! It is pretty horrid right now but I wouldn’t call 18 degrees and overcast very cold just a little chillier than normal. For example I have trousers and a jumper today for probably only the tenth time all year. As people will know I’m an embrace the flip flop type of a guy! Normal ‘winter’ weather back tomorrow; glorious sunshine and 23 degrees!

PS: We are still yet to receive our VISA’s which now expire in 11 days time so please continue to pray for those.