We had the pleasure at the weekend of inviting work people and their families around to our place for an English style BBQ. I have noticed that an African Braai is more for those on the Atkins style diet. They actually Braai huge steaks and mountains of other beef to eat with Sadza and an array of fatty sausages. Something I actually really love. Despite this our spread of Beef burgers, pork sausages, chicken, our soon to be famous potato salad, pasta salad, Sophie’s salsas and what i’ll call an English salad all went down really well. It was a lot of fun and a pleasure to have them all round to our house. We have such a large space so it does seem a shame to not share it. Apparently in shona culture you do not ask people to come over to your house. You just expect them to turn up. I’m glad people don’t do that to me, not because I don’t want their company just because Sophie and I are pretty careful with what we buy so we’d have to travel to the shops to pick up some more food if people did just show up. We ate food and the kids got to play together in our huge garden while the adults got to relax properly after eating too much.

We are hoping to make these social events a regular occurrence as we continue to try to grow the One Way Pre-School and then the Hope For Harare family.

Below are a few snaps of our BBQ day where you can see the food, the children playing and Zvido on the swings. I also use this a public apology to my wife who always ends up behind the camera rather than in the pictures! Apparently this fact makes me useless husband. I AM SORRY!!!

Children eating