As part of the One Way Pre School project, we not only want to offer the best education we can for each child that passes through these doors, but we want to ensure that they continue on in education once they leave us for Grade One. As you will know, education is not free in Zimbabwe and everyone must pay to receive it. The prices vary depending on schools and therefore many children do not complete their education. However, on the flip side, some children who wish to have education, cannot get it, not due to lack of finance, but through demand for places. Government schools are considerably cheaper than private run schools and therefore demand for the government schools is high – they often have at least 40-45 children in one class and still have reserve lists.

We are keen to partner with different primary schools, to ensure that we are guaranteed a certain number of places in each school for the children who leave us after Grade Zero. One of these schools, is a government run school a few hundred yards up the road from our pre school. The headteacher of which, is coming to our school on Tuesday morning, to check out our curriculum, our children and other aspects of our schooling. In order for him to decide if his primary school, will partner us officially, and offer us a currently unknown number of guaranteed places for Grade One each year.

This is a hugely exciting prospect for One Way Pre School, as if we can offer a guaranteed Grade One place, parents will have an even greater incentive to send their child to our Pre school, to receive the best education they can before they move on to primary school.

Please pray for us at this time (especially Tuesday morning!) as we meet and discuss the future with the headteacher.