We are fast approaching one whole year in Zimbabwe, and one of the nitty gritty bits of living here, is needing a visa! We were fortunate to be provided with a one year TEP which ran out in June, we applied for an extension around 3 months ago, which is still in the process of being approved as the immigration office seems overrun with applications at this time so we are being lost in a mound of paperwork. We were given a one month extension, which runs out this weekend, we visited the immigration offices this week, and have been given another one month extension, until the 10th August. As we are returning to England, this means we will now have to pay to enter the country on our return with a tourist visa, then in September, return to the immigration offices and hopefully our TEP visas will be approved and stamped into our passports. The good news, is that the visa lady has said our one year visas will start from when they are stamped in our passports, not from the date we applied as was previously thought. Please do pray for our visas, as you can imagine it is a little stressful not knowing!

We are returning in 2 weeks to England for a 5 week holiday – this was originally 4 weeks, but due to elections schools are closing early so we changed our flights to give us an extra week at home! We are extremely excited to see everyone and spend some time visiting the places we miss!

Whilst we are away, there are a few projects happening at One Way Pre School. The plumber will be returning to plumb in some urinals to cater for the many many boys we have here. The playground is being extended, with new equipment, a sand pit and a tyre road! The kitchen will be having some cosmetic work done and hopefully we will be advertising for registrations for 2014! Please do pray for our administrator who will be overseeing the work whilst we are away.

2nd term nearly over…time flies!