Recently Sophie, Ella and I travelled to Rhino Safari Camp in the Matsudona National Park. We drove to the town of Kariba (229 miles from Harare) to board a speed boat which then takes you on the final 29 miles to the camp.

The national park is home to all sorts of animals including leopard, rhino, lion, elephant and buffalo (The Big 5) antelopes, baboons, hippos, crocodiles and hundreds of types of birds. The camp is where luxury meets simplicity and where relaxation meets with some amazing activities. We went off on morning and evening game drives and bush walks and even went out onto the lake to catch our own fish which we were then allowed to cook and eat.

The camp has 7 ‘bomas’ which are buildings on stilts due to the fact that the camp is not fenced therefore can have wandering animals at all times during the day. It is safe, however because you are escorted everywhere by your rifle wielding and infinitely knowledgeable guide, even to the toilet!

Rather than visiting a hotel and feeling like a guest you are made to feel like a member of the family. Our guide; Steve and our hosts at the camp Jenny, her daughter Megan and their staff treated us like kings. We were served a 3 course meal every evening and breakfast, brunch and afternoon tea each day. It was an amazing holiday and was an incredibly relaxing 3 nights which I would recommend to anyone.

Below you will see some pictures of our trip and a link to their website so you can book to go there yourself and visit us, Harare and One Way Pre-School on your way.

DISCLAIMER: Some of the pictures were taken by Miss Ella Glass (credit given where credit is due)


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