Mon 17th Nov. I finally finished painting the inside of the windows at the primary school. I then painted the first coat of gloss on one side of the unhung doors. I was going to paint a second coat in the afternoon but the heavens decided to open and I was trapped in the preschool……thank goodness for packer maks!!! Leeshy took advantage of my entrapment and the fact that the girls swimming was cancelled and had an extended computer lesson

Tues 18th Nov. After the rain yesterday the temperature fell to around 16c, it was a tad chilly but some of the children were wearing woolly hats, gloves, scarves, and coats, even the teachers were wrapped up hehe! I completed the second coat of gloss on the doors then returned to the preschool where I was asked if I could add a couple of slides to the graduation presentation deck. Which I happily did. I was then asked if I could re vamp the look as they felt it was too dark, so I set about redesigning it. Once I’d finished everyone was thrilled with the changes, clearly I should become a graphic designer when I get home then they asked if I could design the graduation programme too, which I happily obliged and very pleased with the outcome.

Weds 19th Nov. I turned the doors around and gave them 2 coats of gloss. I then gave Amos a lesson on PowerPoint as he wanted to know how I had created the design for the graduation presentation. I also gave Rumbi a lesson on Excel as she had done so well with learning Word. I think I blew her kind with what Excel can do over and above Word!!

Thurs 20th Nov. At One Central today I sorted out the new donations we’d been given over the week, updated the stock records and placed them in the shop. I updated the congregation records with all the new visitors details, then help Henry with the Facebook Event for the ‘Ghetto Christmas’ production.

Fri 21st Nov – Graduation Day! I arrived with the graduation photos and we spent and hour placing them into the handmade photos frames….very challenging! And then it was time to begin the graduation ceremony. The children were excellent with their singing, reciting memory verses and the plays. I was very proud of all of them as if they were my own children….good job everyone!

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