Mon 24th Nov. I started the day painting the new gate to the entrance of the primary school. It was a very pleasant job as everyone who walked past greeted me and asked how my day was….total strangers!!! I then gave the door frames a first coat of gloss. After giving the teachers their computer lessons I went swimming with the girls as I hadn’t seen them swim since the beginning of term. They were thrilled to have me watch and very eager to show me what they could do. They are doing very well and some were even able to swim from the deep end into the shallow end. Sherry is doing a fantastic job

Tues 25th Nov. Today I started off giving a 3rd coat of gloss to the unhung doors and a 2nd coat to the door frames. I then returned to the primary school to give Rumbi another lesson on Excel; she is doing so well I showed her conditional formatting which again blew her mind hehe, after getting her head around it she was very impressed with how powerful a tool it is. I then read to the nursery class and then the grade zero class. Both wanted the new Land of Kachoo stories, it seems these have taken over from Super Daisy! We had 2 birthdays today, Timothy and Nadine, so party time all round, although the train cake made my fingers and tongue turn blue! In the afternoon is was the boys swimming run, like the girls, they are doing very well. The gala on Tuesday should be a very good show


Weds 26th Nov. I started to paint the wall around the playground, an opportunity to top up my tan, even the backs of my legs caught it today yippee!!! I decided to introduce Leeshy and Lorraine to Excel, I certainly have a challenge on my hands with these ladies hehe! Although with a bit of patience and practice I have every confidence they will pick it up

20141126_082445 20141126_160232

Thurs 27th Nov. Today at One Central I had to sort out the FBC Bank after last week as it looked like a bomb had exploded! We also had some new donations which I stocked and stacked.

Fri 28th Nov – FBC Bank Day. This week I had plenty of security guards and we allowed only 1 person into the shop at a time. This meant that the clothing was kept tidy and only the piles they were interested in were looked through. It was a pleasant experience helping the guys choose what they wanted and also recommending items for them too. Maybe I’ll become a shop assistant when I return home!!!

Sat 29th Nov. Usually I have the weekends as free time but today was an exception. I was invited to another graduation ceremony this time in Hatcliffe, an area of poorer people displaced after the governments ‘clean up’ exercise. I was very honoured to be invited by Norma, the principle, whom I had met at One Central also volunteering. I was treated like visiting royalty and many wanted photos taken of their children with Sean and I. The children was so cute and adorable in their yellow and green uniforms and their reciting of verses and songs had the audience beaming with pride. I assisted Sean with giving out the graduation certificates and prizes. For me it was also very humbling to see the tiny shacks with polythene walls and tin roofs a lot of the residents live in.

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Take care,
Ali x