Mon 1st Dec – final week of school and Christmas fun morning. We had a bouncy castle, pony rides and face painting for the children to enjoy, a well deserved treat after working so hard all year. I had a good on all three 🙂 . The white pony even had its tail and mane dyed green giving it a sort of unicorn look! Some of the children were frightened of the ponies and the bouncy castle, I wasn’t able to over come their pony fear but I certainly conquered their bouncy castle fear by taking them on the edge part and holding their hands letting them bounce away happily, next thing I know they’ve jumped into the main body of the castle joining everyone else. We then had cake supplied by Greg and Sophie to top the morning off. In the afternoon I continued to paint the wall in the primary school playground, my tan didn’t get much of a top up as it was quite cloudy today.
20141201_105019 20141201_104913 20141201_104745 20141201_104417
Tues 2nd Dec – Swimming Gala. It was time for the swimmers to show their parents what they had learned over the last term, so Sherry, Pru, & I took all 20 swimmers to the swimming pool. Leeshy looked after the dressing and undressing process, Sherry instructed the children on what to show their parents whilst I took the photos. Each Grade 0 child received a certificate and all parents were given a brief synopsis of their child’s progress. Popcorn and cakes were handed round, a great morning was had by all! In the afternoon it was back to painting the playground wall and working on my tan!
20141202_103807 20141202_103734 20141202_100539
Weds 3rd Dec. Although we were open for school we had no children so the teachers commenced with cleaning up the classrooms and I finally finished painting the playground wall, along with roasting myself in the sunshine!
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Thurs 4th Dec. Just when I thought I was going to have a rest from painting Sean asked if I would paint one of the rooms in One Central, which I happily obliged. First though I had to scrap the walls of all loose plaster and wall paper. I managed to give the room its first coat of emulsion before the end of the day but it will need a second coat….
Fri 5th Dec – Another Graduation Day! This time at Anne’s Children Centre where Sherry is the principle. It was a lovely ceremony, very personal with all of the classes showing their parents what they had learned over the year. Some were as young as 2….very cute! In the afternoon I returned to One Central to give a second coat to the room I’d painted yesterday. In the evening I attended the One Church Gold Awards event, chance to put on my frock! It was great fun with lots of humorous speeches, rivalry between the community groups, dancing, good food and I won the Gold Volunteer Award! I was very flattered to be recognised for my efforts but also very embarrassed too hehe!
Take care,
Ali x