We hope you have managed to have a read through our newsletter and seen the progress that is being made. We are pleased with all of the work so far and look forward to putting the finishing touches so it looks like a classroom!

Many things have happened –

–  We have the official permit for the school, in writing!

– We have heard that our shipping has cleared customs (THANK YOU for praying) and we should be able to collect it by the end of the week.

– We have received nearly all the playground equipment – swings, slide, merry go round, see saw and jungle gym, which will be cemented into the playground on Wednesday.

– We have registered our first 2 children, and 3 more have a form which they are bringing back – making 5 so far.

PLEASE continue to pray. It is such a joy to see the progress being made, but the way of working here is difficult at times – so please pray we continue to hold strong to the plan God has for us and that we would continue his good works with the children here.

Please also pray that the shipping would now arrive with no further complications.

On an exciting note…my parents are coming to visit soon! (Sophie’s) We look forward to sharing our Zimbabwean life with them.

God Bless xx