Hello to you the faithful readers of our blog. The title of this blog really does describe it quite well. Zimbabwe is amazing! Yes  we have had lots to do and achieved a lot of progress with regard to the school recently, but this is only one of the reasons why Zimbabwe is incredible. Firstly is the people, secondly the people and thirdly: the people.

This could become a little Blair esc if I am not careful but Education, Education, Education is kind of why we are here. (Sorry for the awful pun.) But here in Zimbabwe the people are amazing. Sophie got up to announce that people could register their children for the school yesterday which is essentially a church notice so therefore a little un-interesting, mundane even. But whenever either of us says anything people holla and woop at us and scream with joy (A little like the American’s listening to those awful presidential debates but thousands of times more sincere) Sophie stands up and explains that they can register and it is like Christmas has come. I am so humbled by these people.

Next I was asked if I could help a child with her school revision and I said I could do this morning. She was very attentive and took on board everything I had to say, a very hard worker. (If Bev or Jane is reading this notice I have not said ‘Clever Girl’) It is wonderful to be invited in to such a lovely home! But not just that, we were fed chocolate cake, muffins, popcorn and a huge lunch which was followed by an english trifle and we still got to take home a bowl full of muffins and a chocolate cake! The wonderful family, and for that matter every family we have visited whilst we have been here, treat you like the most important visitor they’d ever had. They take as much time and go to as much trouble as if the Queen was coming for tea. I am sure if she turned up she’d have the same treatment as Sophie and I.

Now I’m fortunate enough to have had many incredible examples of hospitality to learn from in England. But here in Zimbabwe the joy is in being the host rather than the hosted and this I think is more uncommon in our country. I love hosting people but I equally, if not more, love being invited to someone’s house. Here in Zim the pride is in the hosting and after all that is biblical. “As for me and my household, we will serve the Lord” which is taken from Joshua, 24:15. I genuinely feel that you are shown God’s love and the example of Jesus whenever you enter a Zimbabwean’s home and that is another humbling lesson I have learnt from this ‘amazing’ country! Today I thank God that his love has been shown to me so often by the people in my life and I pray I can be the same encouragement all those people have been to me. I urge you to pray the same for yourselves

Love Greg x


Today is hot.

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