Hey MATTY here again!

Thanks for your support of the ‘SAVE MATTY’ campaign. I believe we are now right up there with the infamous ‘Free the wetherfield one’ when Deirdre was imprisoned in Coronation Street and a bit more successful and less dramatic.

I’m afraid I haven’t been let loose yet though! The document that Greg and Sophie needed to find has been found and submitted from the South African shipping company. But unfortunately the ‘bear’ from NOT ‘Bear’Bridge has to send the money he owes through his sheer incompetence.

Despite this I am hopeful I will be freed this week because for every day that I sit here the bear owes more and more money in storage fees. When I arrive with my wonderful owners I will post some pictures of my joyous home coming!

Peace out faithful readers,

Love MATTY the super dooper memory foam mattress topper!

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