I know many of you have been enjoying the wonderful blogs from our wonderful mattress topper MATTY but today I inform you of his unfortunate fall from grace. Despite this I’ll start with some good news, our shipping is now here, despite us having to pay yet more money that we didn’t even owe it all arrived, nothing was taken and nothing damaged, that was except for poor MATTY.

He was subject to a violent attack of Zimbabwe’s dirtiest shoes and an attack of sea waves. He is unfortunately never going to be the same with his nasty war wounds from his 86 day cross continent journey. He’s a shadow of his former self and therefore is not comfortable writing to you today as he soaks his troubles away in a variety of luxurious cleaning products. He wishes me to tell you he will be back to his old self in no time but that his purpose will no longer be as a mattress topper but as a comfortable book corner cushion. He is so happy to still be of use.

All jokes aside we really thank God for bringing everything here safely and as we’ve mentioned in previous posts His timing is sometimes not what we would like but it is always what is best for us. Our school was completely ready to receive all the goods and once we have finished sorting and tidying we know this school will have been transformed once more. We’re really pleased with the environment so far and this shipping has filled many holes of things we were missing. Thank-you to everyone who donated goods! Over the next weekend the man who made our playground equipment will be finished which means I can finish my fence and we’re getting our designer to put up display boards in Sophie’s classroom. We’ll post pictures of the classrooms and playground next week so you can all see.

Finally we are again up to the point where we have exhausted out funds so please pray for the continued provision of OneWayPreSchool.


God Bless,


Greg (,Sophie and Clive)

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