One week in and we are now up to 32 registered children at One Way Pre School. The ‘African’s do it at the last minute’ really shines through here as we’re expecting a minimum of 4 new pupils next week and we are expecting our sponsored orphans to start out then too. I suppose that’ll mean we will be educating 40 children at our school which really is amazing seeing as this is a completely new venture. I had one conversation with a parent this morning who could not believe the difference in the building as she remembered it was a night club when this building was a full functioning hotel. She was impressed and to be honest it is a little hard to stay humble when the school is  functioning and filled with happy faces! With everyone’s help, support, prayers and finances One Way Pre School has opened!!

My highlight of the week is seeing the children singing and dancing in the morning. It is very cute seeing them do the dances to some Family Worship classics such as “If you have faith” and “If you believe”. If I work out how to upload videos to my you tube page that Mike set us up then I’ll show you some of the children’s singing but for now you may need to settle for me saying that it is quite a picture seeing 30 Zimbabwean 3-5 year olds worshipping.

All logistics have gone smoothly and we are ironing out teething problems with the day to day running of the school.

Finally as part of this blog I thought I’d introduce you all to the names of the children to include in your prayers: In Sophie’s class we have: Craig, Kudzai, Anotidaishe, Nokutenda, Lemuel, Shalom, Anesuishe, Tristan, Muno, Maka, Chloe, Christian, Seth, Tinevimbo, Thaniwe, Denson, Zvido, Blessed & Joshua. In my class is: Terevai, Tawanayasha, Emmanuel, Lerato, Tinayeishe, Nyasha, Simba, David, Tanya, Beloved, Aleesha & Keith.



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