Today was the opening day at One Way Pre-school and we can’t actually believe that it has happened!

We now have 25 children in the school and we know of 3 more on the way. My prayer of 35 for financial security is surely going to be smashed. Today’s been all about settling the children in and talking to the parents about routines and other things. Lateness was no issue with many of the parents at the school around 7.30 for an 8am start (and we finish at 4pm…English school teachers, take note!!)

It was great to see the children in their lovely printed OneWayPreSchool/Athelney Primary School jumpers (see pictures below). We will also have a polo shirt and a hat printed with our logo on. They looked very smart and excited at the prospect of a day at school. The children are split into two classes. Firstly, a nursery class with 3 and 4 year olds wearing the red jumpers which Sophie is in charge of and an older class including grade 0 with 4 and 5 year olds which I am in charge of in the blue jumpers.



Today we kept the children together in hope to embed some classroom routines and it was certainly an experience to tell them to stop squabbling over the maracas. Lunch was served on time, the children all slept (eventually) and all children were happy, minus a few tears over merry go round traumas!



To sum it up, today is the day when we can say we have built, created, set up and opened a Zimbabwean pre school in a building which used to be a pub. God uses people in amazing ways and boy are we two of these people! We are so grateful for this opportunity but most of all Sophie and I are just glad to be back in the classroom. Thank you to everyone for your support and prayers. We feel so supported by everyone and we really couldn’t be happier.

You can also see children reading a number of books donated, they were the quietest they had been all day whilst reading them!!


FYI: Those of you interested in how I’m coping with the little ones. (Aka Jackie, Jane and my Dad) I find it absolutely crazy but already incredibly rewarding. Seeing Tinayeishe write the beginnings of his name was amazing. But to then to record it for his evidence folder made me already feel like an early years teacher. Although may class is more like a cross between year 1 and reception. I’m going to call it the early years/ks1 room rather than the reception class.

One day down…just a few more to go!


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