Christmas is a really nice time of year and it is usually one of the busiest times but the last week or so has probably been the most relaxing time Sophie and I have had in Zimbabwe to date. We’ve eaten some great food, watched some movies and sat in the sunshine playing games and reading books. We’ve not been in to work except to use the internet. One of the best things about having spare time has been being able to spend time with friends.
There are some amazing projects happening in Zimbabwe. Stories like ours are repeated by other overseas workers in areas like health, farming, evangelism, community projects and orphanages. But there is a problem occurring, causing these people to be forced to leave Zimbabwe due to their visas being declined. I want to share with you a story we’ve heard recently.
There was a family working here who own a business, own a house and are tax paying people with a permanent residency visa. 2 kids born in Zimbabwe, wife and him have lived here for 10 years. Aside from residency, he has needed one month work permit extensions for over a year and then suddenly is told they have 6 days to leave. I cannot imagine what it feels like having to take your 2 young children and wife away from their home, their jobs and their schools. I’m told that this is happening all over the country at the moment as immigration protocols are tightening and it is people that are serving God that are affected.
It gets me thinking about our lives here too. We’ve been given a work permit until October 2014 when so many others continue to just be given month extensions. It really makes me think that we need to make sure what we are doing is the best it can be and not to waste the opportunity we have been given. Please pray for a fruitful 2014!