Today (Tuesday 7th January) One Way Pre-School opened again for business. It should be a quiet start as the Zimbabwean schools minister announced schools will be returning on 14th January and as of yet no announcement on a term end date in April. This means that our children with siblings will not be coming until there families are back to school. Our books currently have Sophie’s nursery class as full with 30 children registered and my class with 26 children in with 4 spaces remaining. This puts us on a firm financial footing for the new year and means we will be able to continue to develop our school and employ another member of staff which we can train for the future. Our goals for the new year are: 1, to hand over classes by the end of the academic year to locally trained teachers. 2, complete training of adults and 3, to develop and excellent outdoor learning environment.

Other exciting news is the possible opening of 2 new one way pre-schools in 2 Harare suburbs called Epworth and Highfield. The churches at those building are picking up the ideas of our school and will be using the name to open their’s in the near future. Their new teachers attended our teacher training course in December and showed a great passion for this venture. We really thank God that we’ve been able to develop our ministry in this way.

As you may have read in our newsletter it is the goal of this church to open a primary school here in Mabelreign which we are confident of opening for January 2015. We need to raise $10,000 though which is £6250 to renovate a building to increase our educational capacity from 60 to 120.

Finally, this year we will be working closely with other local pre-schools to help them develop their own practices. There is such a great willingness from Zimbabweans to help their country improve the standards of education and we’re so excited to be involved.

Thank-you reading this blog, it’s a busy time for us but also a very exciting one. Please thank God in your prayers for his wonderful provision for us and the church school. We just hope and pray that our success continues.