The first week of the second year of One Way Pre School is over and it’s been a mixture of emotions. We are delighted that we have filled 59/60 spaces in the first week, what an incredible achievement. Naturally this means the first week has been very busy, with many new faces and many young children – there were tears a plenty, and yet just over half the children have started, most are expected today and tomorrow! So we are excited for this new term, but already feeling tired – the start of term always takes a little more energy to settle everyone down. We also feel proud that the school has survived its first year and begun the second with such vigour, we are astounded to see how the Lord is working over the project!

A part of me feels a little sad, we came to Zimbabwe with the intention of support the local church with opening their preschool, which we have now done. I feel a little bit redundant when I look at just how well the preschool staff can run the school. Not necessarily needing anywhere near as much support as they did a year ago! Yet I feel so joyful when I look at the workforce behind the school and see their drive and passion and faith in the work they are doing. It is a credit to them that I feel I could leave them to run the school and teach the classes without me, they have worked so hard!

The sustainable stage the preschool is in is beneficial to both Greg and I, as it means we are able to look to the future and prayerfully consider our next steps. There are a few projects in the pipeline which we are hoping to meet with the church leadership about in the coming week or so, including a Primary school to open in 2015 and a café/ community centre for the local community.

Both Greg and I have always believed that when we, and family and friends, asked God whether we should move to Zimbabwe, God said Go. We also believe that when it is our time to leave, God will say Go! We are keen to stay here for as long as there is a project here for us to work towards – and with enough time to make those projects sustainable.

As previously mentioned, these projects could come into fruition in the near future, or not. We are open to all possibilities and ask you if you will kindly consider praying for us over the coming weeks as we consider our immediate and longer term futures. We are excited to see what God has in store for us! Please do contact us with any words of encouragement should you have any!