When Sophie and I decided that the next path in our lives was moving to Zimbabwe to open a pre-school it was with a little apprehension we told people. First we told Sophie’s parents Mike and Sue. I was expecting a lot of questions and if or buts and wherefore’s but they didn’t come. We talked them through the pre-school vision and all the uncertainties that came with it and they listened intently. Then Sue just talked about what a great adventure it was and Mike said we had their full support. I was humbled by this. Mike did say during his Father of the Bride speech that Africa could be part of our future because of the passion Sophie felt towards it and maybe that was actually a prophecy.

When we then told my parents I was expecting even more questions. Neither of my parents had travelled to Africa before and I was sure they’d have some reservations. They didn’t. My Mum said she was so proud of us for taking on such a big challenge and said she thought we were the perfect couple to do it and my Dad nodded to what my Mum was saying and said the normal Dad line of “if you ever need anything don’t hesitate to ask us”. They were also pleased that Mike and Sue approved because they both trusted their judgement due to the fact they’d previously travelled to Zimbabwe.

It’s the reassuring attitude of our parents which is why I think we’ve been able to see the growth we’ve had in such a short space of time. We always believed in ourselves but to have that support and belief from others has been greatly humbling. There are many challenges in Africa that we are lucky to take for granted in England. For example I’m writing this in a power cut and I boiled the water for the cup of tea I’m currently sipping on a calor gas camping stove. We’re the lucky ones though. We always have water at our house through a bore hole supply. We shower in drinking water! Some of Harare (our school included) can go weeks without a water supply and we often see people carrying water so they can bathe, flush toilets and clean their houses. It’s not easy!

The thing is our lives are made so much easier by the love and support we receive by our friends and family at home. I think you have to be an oversees worker to truly appreciate how grateful you are for a financial donation, a kind facebook comment, an e.mail or peoples prayers when you are so far away. Last night Sophie and I were saying those things are motivators. We’re here working for One Way Ministries on a schools project because we believe it is what God wants for us. I’m sure for that reason only we’d be here trying our best but when people believe in us enough to invest in us we feel a new sense of motivation to also make sure their investments are not wasted.

Thank-you to everyone who invests in us in anyway. You are our Mr.Motivators and we couldn’t do this without you.