In our June newsletter we shared testimonies of what God has done in our lives recently. These blessings have continued and multiplied over the past week so I thought I’d fill you all in.

On Monday we had our final Gynaecologist appointment and all is growing well with our little one. He’s growing nicely and Sophie is doing really well too. We’re delighted that what felt like an endless sickness for Sophie has now surpassed. We also found out that we’re having a little boy and his name will be Jack Tapiwa Sangwine. Tapiwa is a shona name and it means God has given us. It is important for us that he is always aware of his parents’ Zimbabwean adventures and how important they are to our family. He’ll be known to us as JT, for short. But not like John Terry, more like Justin Timberlake, because let’s face it – it’s just cooler!

We have also been lucky to spend time with Lu and her son Nathan who used to live in our house. (Lu is Sean’s sister and Sean is our landlord) It was great to see them and they gave us loads of really nice boys clothes. Then after playing 5 a side football a friend of mine Derian and his wife Jen also gave us ‘boxes’ of boys clothes. We’re completely humbled by these amazing gifts and it’s also great to spend time with some lovely people as well. JT’s cupboard is completely full – he’s not even born yet and he has WAY more clothes than his Mum and Dad. His nursery is beautiful; he has a cot, a crib, a play mat, a bouncer and all sorts of stuff that right now I don’t know what they are. (I hope all first time Dad’s are this confused) The room is even decorated with a mural of the Lion King when Simba and Narla have their baby. A big thanks to Sean, Debbie and Sherry for allowing us to decorate their house and make it our own home. We love it!

Finally, we had some great news from immigration. We got our permit extensions to stay in Harare until October 2015. After our last application took 7 months, this time it was just 3 weeks. It’s so great to have the security of this visa and JT’s should be no trouble either.

Thanks for reading our news and for praying for us. We are soooo happy!

Lots of Love

Greg, Sophie and JT. X